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    #NBA2K20 Add Video (YouTube URL): , Lower/Base: Stephen Curry, Upper Release 1: Larry Bird, Upper Release 2: Michael Jordan, Blending (Release 1): 75%, Blending (Release 2): 25%

    Could you imagine someone with currys jump, birds arch, and the flick of the wrist like jordan? I cant imagine too many more jumshot combinations that will come out as beautiful as this one. Although it is a consistent green machine, I added the blend later which does speed up the jumpshot by a miniscule amount. I think it’s better without blending it, but if you blend it like I did the release is a little faster. 75 percent bird and 25 percent jordan its a little faster. Also you cant get a bigger arch than with birds release, making it a little harder to swat and a little easier to rebound the shots for your teammates. if you actually pay attention different shots have a higher or lower arch depending on how someone shoots. Like in real life.


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