2K Presentation of NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Leaked: “Outdoor” Feature & More

A leaked video of an NBA 2K office presentation of Next Gen development for NBA 2K21 has been leaked. In the video, the speaker describes a few of the differences in the approach to Next-Gen, including teasing a new “outdoor” feature which may replace Neighborhoods in NBA 2K21.

Here are the details from the video for NBA 2K21 Next-Gen:

  • Teases new “Outdoor” feature. Could be a bigger and more complex Park world, since Neighborhoods has been redacted.
  • Will be a Day One launch title for the Xbox Series X and PS5
  • 2K intends to set the high water mark of graphics and animation quality
  • Only developer making a game exclusively for the Next-Gen systems
  • An entire NBA 2K team dedicated specifically to the next Next-Gen version
  • 2K gets the (next-gen) hardware very early from Sony and Microsoft, so they’ve been working on it for a long time.
  • A lot of “amazing” new content

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